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      What is DIN & how to get it?

      August 17, 2020

      DIN is a unique director identification number issued to each individual who wishes to become a director in the Company or Designated Partner in LLP.  After introduction of MCA system for Company & LLP registry, all exiting directors and Designated partners were provided DIN on application. Currently facility of direct application for getting the DIN is not available at MCA.

      At the time of new incorporation of Company or LLP under integrated application form, facility of allotment of DIN to maximum 2 persons is provided. For getting inducted as director or designated partner in existing Company or LLP, individual is required to be provide Company resolution/ LLP confirming its intention to induct him as a director/ designated partner. Thereafter MCA issues DIN to said individual.

      For getting DIN, address proof, id proof, photo, mobile number, email id and educational details are required. Individual is required to have digital signature for making application for allotment of DIN.

      DIN once allocated will be permanent. Individual can by application make changes in the details of DIN or can revoke the DIN. On death of Individual, DIN needs to be de-activated by application. For defaulting companies, MCA makes specific tagging for their director’s DIN and mark them as defaulting or disqualified Directors. The said marked directors have certain restrictions as to taking up new directorships. However they are certain other options available, please get in touch with us for the details.  

      Every DIN holder is required to comply annual KYC compliance at MCA.

      Every DIN holder is expected to protect his/ her DIN form getting marked by MCA & also need to update it by complying KYC process.

      To understand the intricacies of DIN or if you wish to apply for DIN or if you wish to be KYC compliant for the DIN and to protect your DIN, get connected to our Biz Smart Executive