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      About Us

      After collective professional efforts of more than 4 decades, Founders have recognised a thoughtful vision about “Business” & “Professional”. & the journey of rejuvenation & redefining the relationship between “Business” & “Professional” has commenced.

      “Manthan” reached to a supposition & there arise an organisation “Bizfirst Professionals”.

      Efforts were further strengthen & “purpose” was founded for Bizfirst. The ideologies were set by placing “Business” & its “Stakeholders” as pivotal for the purpose & as a guidance for every future effort of Bizfirst & its team.

      This is the humble beginning of “Bizfirst Professionals” to provide meaningful contribution towards the vision & mission of each “business” & its “stakeholders” who trusted us with their goals.

      Bizfirst the “BizSavior”

      Bizfirst is established with the object of providing professional facilitation to business & its stakeholders. Concept of business is very wide, multi-dimensional & ranges from small proprietary to large industrial house, from proprietor to independent director & so on.

      Everyone looks forward to a specialized service delivery & due care & protection from all corporate & commercial hazards. In order to cater to the needs of every business & businessmen Bizfirst has identified a noble concept of “BizSavior”. The concept was further nurtured by carefully crafting needs of every business segment & every businessmen.

      Bizfirst humbly but proudly believes that “BizSavior” is a Professional drive for all those who are in Business & are looking for protection, support & guidance.

      “BizSavior” looks forward to serve & support;

      • Directors-Executive, Non- executive, Independent, Professional
      • Women Directors
      • Stakeholders Directors
      • LLP Designated Partners/ Partners
      • Promoters & stakeholders

      Biz Service Narrative

      Bizfirst is committed to deliver professional services in the domain of corporate, commercial & economic laws to “businesses” & “its stakeholders”.

      The Bizfirst Service Narratives are:

      • All registrations, approvals, permissions, licenses
      • Event base & periodical compliance management – for Business entity & stakeholders
      • Drafting & vetting services
      • Opinion services
      • Structuring & restructuring services
      • Expert Analysis services
      • Interpretation services
      • Planning & execution
      • Monitoring, evaluating & reporting of system & process
      • Review & reporting on event/ transaction/ system

      Biz Service philosophy

      Bizfirst motto “Business First” obligates to provide “Priority experience” to every business.

      Every service delivery of Bizfirst is structured & planned keeping in mind smallest to small need of the Business.

      Bizfirst founders, staff & associates are committed to keep Business as their 1st priority & only objective while performing their roles.

      Bizfirst has complete range of professional services required by every business & its stakeholder for achieving their objectives & contributing to the efforts of India Inc to create a Compliant Society

      Bizfirst has trained its Team to ensure professional & efficient delivery of desired services to Businessman/ Entrepreneur/ Promoters/ Directors & all stakeholders.