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      How to setup & maintain registered office for Company/ LLP?

      August 17, 2020

      Every Company and LLP needs to have registered office in the jurisdiction of registrar, where it was registered.  Registered office could be a rented or owned place. In order to maintain registered office for a company, documents of ownership of place, no objection letter of owner, rent agreement is required. Company may at the time of formation or within 30 days of formation submit details of its registered office to MCA. Any change in registered office address is required to be communicated to MCA within 30 days. Address of registered office needs to be printed on letter head and all documents.  Board containing name, address and other details of the entity is required to be placed outside the registered office and every other office for e.g. branch office etc.

      LLP needs to maintain RO, the details of the same are required to inform at the stage of formation.

      Registered office address is the only legal address for entity for all government & non-government communications.

      Proper maintenance of registered office is required to be confirmed to MCA by filing ACTIVE Form. Any non-maintenance of RO may lead to consequences like penalty, fine & striking of name from the records of MCA.

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